Charting My Course Through Entrepreneurship

Long gone are the days when employers took care of their employees with healthy, lifelong pensions. With it has gone the employer – employee loyalty in which my parents and grandparents took comfort. Boomers who enjoyed the “till death do us part” relationship with their employers don’t understand why younger generations change jobs so frequently. Nor do they understand the restless discontent amongst the younger workforce.

Times have changed. We now live in a time when individuals must personally cultivate and sell their skills on the open market (Much like free agents who seek to broker the best deal for their athletic careers). The change in the employer – employee dynamic has crystallized this truth — we are all ultimately in control of our destinies. (Whether you do something about it or not, this fact still remains)

If I make an employer responsible for my happiness, I have little control over whether I am truly happy. Entrepreneurship for me is about taking more responsibility for my destiny. It’s a part of a greater pursuit to reconcile the vision I hold for myself with my present reality. Either I can settle for what someone chooses to give me or I can chart my own course. I can choose to use my natural gift of inventiveness and drive to continue to make millions for others or I can make great returns for myself. I have chosen the latter.

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