Washington DC’s Best Recurring Startup events

The DC’s startup scene is a bit nascent, but that can be a good thing, if you want to meet the right people there are a few good events to attend. Here is your guide to the Washington’s top 10 Startup events.

Tech Cocktail

Tech Cocktail is aimed at helping build and strengthen local tech start-up communities both online and off. During past mixer events we have had companies find employees, co-founders, funding and some start-ups have even been acquired. We love it when that happens.

Reviews: Overall a great event, held quarterly so it doesn’t come around very often, but one of the best events to attend when it does.

Capital Cabal – 2nd Tuesday

Since 2005 The Capital Cabal has produced a monthly networking event where D.C. area professionals gather to meet, share war stories, swap schemes, hire talented professionals, schmooze, invest, find investments, collude, kick-off a job search or just relax with other Cabalists. Our business savvy attendees represent start-ups, government agencies, political organizations, web-based businesses, advertising agencies, small businesses, PR firms, not-for-profit organizations, associations and the private sector.


DC Lean Startup Circle

Lean: Accomplish your objectives wasting a minimum of resources, especially time.

Startup: A human institution creating a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty

Mindset: Entrepreneurs who are experienced enough to “know what they don’t know” about their market and committed to learning through evidence

Startup Rockstars

Startup Rockstars – a service of 1Piazza ( registration (at) 1piazzaDOTcom ) – provides entrepreneurial organizations the vehicle to hone their presentation and pitching of their product or service, including events to allow sharing & networking within the entrepreneurial community.

DC Venture Summit

The Active Investors Private Pitch is a referral-only event that connects innovative companies that are actively seeking funding, to investors that are actively searching for their next investment. This event has one purpose, finding the next good deal.

To that end, we have invited only companies that are actively launching an innovative growth business, and investors that are looking to make their next deal within the next 3 months. This way only the right people are in the room.

Affinity Lab Happy Hour

Affinity Lab is an entrepreneurial launch platform serving a rich community of Washington DC businesses, non-profits and start-ups.

Review: Their second Thursday happy hour is a great time to come and meet entrepreneurs and get some free drinks.

Business Alliance Grubstake Breakfast

The Business Alliance is an organization supporting the development of early stage and growing companies through a variety of activities connecting innovators, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders with each other and with those providing financial resources and other support to these enterprises.

NetSquared DC

NetSquared DC is a vibrant local community thriving at the intersection of social change and technology. We’re part of a global NetSquared movement that focuses on the exponential impact we can have when we combine our hunger for change with powerful new technologies.

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